Milky Way



- The scenery of cherry blossoms at dawn looked like the Milky Way, merging with my distant childhood dreams. -

I have been focusing on the cosmos flower for a long time in my creative work. These flowers, which bloom in clusters from the end of summer, remind me of a nostalgic feeling while being pretty.

The intricately interlaced stems and buds. It reminds me of the cosmic expanse of order, harmony, and beauty that is the original meaning of cosmos, while at the same time, I feel the impermanence of limited life in this flower.


Another name for cosmos is autumn cherry blossoms. Perhaps it was inevitable that I would expand my focus to cherry blossoms, which are a symbol of Japan. Cherry blossoms sometimes look like dragons ascending to the heavens with their uplifted trunks, while the way they bloom and fall, spilling out between the branches, is like a universe where stillness and motion blink together.


I use a painting technique where I break down the photos I have taken into layers and paint over them and then scrape them off. Whether it is a cosmos flower or a cherry blossom, I try to visually lead the viewer to the hidden beauty of the flower. However, this is something that cannot be expressed in words, just like in Noh, where the imagination of the viewer creates a hundred different stories.


Milky Way

Kiiro Works 2019



2019 Annual Photography Awards Competition

Honorable Mention / Fine Art / Single





It's almost dawn.

I was climbing the mountain path, running out of breath.

The scenery changes from black darkness to deep blue.

I was surrounded in the chirping of small birds.

The sun rises and the appearance of the cherry blossoms change.

The morning view of the blossoms blends with my distant childhood dreams and it looked like the Milky Way.

With the photos I’ve taken, I analyze and superimpose image upon image, I add and subtract layers in my picturesque style. I try to overlay countless photographic fragments, trace time, and seek to somehow approach the beauty hidden within the cosmos or sakura flower.Like Noh, where 100 different stories by 100 different people are born in the imagination of the viewer, my works are difficult to convey with words.



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