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Elegance of Silence


Elegance of Silence_04

Pigment Print


Medium       |  15

Large          |  5

Extra Large   |  2

Print Size

Medium       |  560 mm × 420 mm

Large          |  933 mm × 700 mm

Extra Large   |  1477 × 1108 mm

Frame Size

Medium       |  Contact

Large          |  Contact

Extra Large   |  Contact



Print Only    |  JPY 150,000 (before tax)

Print₊Frame  |  JPY 185,000 (before tax) 


Print Only    |  JPY 210,000 (before tax)

Print₊Frame  |  JPY 288,000 (before tax) Sold Out

Extra Large

Print Only    |  JPY 550,000 (before tax)

Print₊Frame  |  JPY 732,000 (before tax) Sold Out


If you would like to purchase an original print or have any questions about our work, please contact us at the email address below.



Name: Kiiro | Country: Japan | Occupation: Fine Art Photographer

Born in 1978 in Kanagawa Prefecture and currently residing in Seiseki-Sakuragaoka, Tokyo, Kiiro freely uses flowers as a motif for his natural works and employs skillful painting techniques. Cosmos flowers, in particular, have been the focal point of his art for over a decade. Each series of Kiiro's work offers a new angle on his themes of order, harmony, and evolution. This is uniquely defined by the language of the cosmos flower. The oil-painting qualities imbued in his work continue to fascinate art collectors and viewers at home and abroad. kiiro has exhibited his work at Art Fair Tokyo, fotofever (Paris), Degus Photo Biennale, La Gacilly (Brittany), as well as nationally and internationally. Awards include the Jury Prize of the International Art Photography Awards for experimental work (France).

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