Four Views of Mt.Fuji 



My first inspiration came from my memory of Hokusai's painting of Mt,Fuji.

Fuji, I experienced a sense of time passing very slowly.

The decaying things are not disappearing, but repeating themselves like the whole forest.

I focus on the process itself, asking myself questions that keep me in dialogue with nature.In other words, by reconfiguring the landscape of the present moment, it gives freedom to the mind.It seems to me that man and nature keep on creating and destroying each other, in a sense, repeating and maintaining conflicting states.

I created this work as an entity that can face the viewer at any time.The looping form is created as a moving image of each photograph stitched together to express the chain of memory of nature.


Four Views of Mt.Fuji #1_Spring

Four Views of Mt.Fuji #1_Spring

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